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Dear Friend,

Our District 38B communities of White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, Hugo, North Oaks and Dellwood are filled with hard working families, vibrant small businesses, great schools, numerous lakes and parks and offer a quality of life second to none in the metro area. We have a lot to protect!

This is why I am seeking your support.  As a candidate seeking election to the District 38B seat in the Minnesota House, I pledge that should I have the honor of being your next State Representative, I will serve all citizens in our district with straight-forward, common-sense leadership.

We have many challenges facing our state. The costs and complexity of our health care system needs to be addressed with patient-centered, affordable reforms. Excessive government regulations and mandates impose significant barriers to small businesses and the path they have historically provided to the American Dream. Our roads and bridges are under significant stress and fair education funding, coupled with meaningful change in how we educate students for the 21st century remain in need.

It’s time lawmakers take responsibility and get to work.

With Representative Matt Dean’s decision to retire from the Minnesota House, we have the opportunity to elect a new legislator who will be a strong voice for our communities. 

I’m excited about the opportunity to put my experience in both business and government to work for you in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

I ask for your support and would be honored to serve as your next State Representative.

Sincerely yours,


Patti Anderson

  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC
  • MCCL – Minnesota Citizens Concerns for Life
  • Minnesotans for Affordable Health Insurance
  • Housing First PAC
  • Women LEAD MN PAC
  • StarTribune

About Patti

A 10 year resident of Dellwood, Patti has had a long career both inside and outside of the public realm. 

From 1991 to 2002, she served as Mayor and city councilmember in the city of Eagan where she was named “Best Mayor” in the Twin Cities by City Pages.

A successful business person, Patti started and later sold her company after being elected as Minnesota’s 17th State Auditor in 2002.  By then, the company had grown to over 75 employees. She was an active and outspoken State Auditor – “The Tax Payer’s Watchdog” and received numerous recognitions and awards for both her business and public service.  Patti was endorsed by every major newspaper for re-election in 2006.

After the 2006 election, the only surviving Republican statewide official, Governor Tim Pawlenty, nominated her to serve as the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations – a department she eliminated in 2008. According to one biography “She is perhaps the first Commissioner in Minnesota history to intentionally work herself out of a job in order to promote greater efficiency in government.”

Patti later served as the President of the MN Free Market Institute where she led the organization to be Minnesota’s premier free market think tank.

Since leaving public service, Patti has reentered the business world where she has built a second company that now employs over 80 people.

Anderson graduated from Forest Lake High School and earned her B.A. degree in International Relations/Political Economy from the University of Minnesota and her M.A. degree in Public Administration from Hamline University. She and her husband Doug have lived in Dellwood for the past 10 years and have six (now) adult children – three of whom graduated from Mahtomedi High School.



Accountable, efficient government that cost-effectively funds needed priorities while keeping taxes under control.

Health Care

Quality, affordable health care that preserves patient choice.


Schools of excellence that prepare all kids for success.


A prosperous small business climate in which good jobs are created.

Veterans & Seniors

Support for veterans; a secure retirement for seniors.

Roads & Bridges

Safer roads for families and less congestion for commuters.  Fund the maintenance and expansion of our roads and bridges without raising taxes.

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